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AmpliRun® BACILLUS CEREUS DNA CONTROL, ref. MBC004, contains:

- 1 vial with complete purified DNA of Bacillus cereus to be used as positive control in IVD techniques based on nucleic acids amplification. It contains 1×104- 2×104 copies/µl once reconstituted. DNA quantification has been performed with real-time PCR. Lyophilised presentation.

- 1 vial with 500 µl of molecular biology grade water, DNase, RNase free.

Special transport conditions are not required. Upon receipt, the controls can be stored refrigerated in lyophilized presentation. When using the product, users are advised to reconstitute the controls, make aliquots and store them at temperatures between -5şC and -40şC.

Every batch is subjected to internal quality control testing before releasing.

Bacillus cereus

Bacillus cereus is a Gram-positive, facultative anaerobic, endosporeforming, rod-shaped bacterium. Widely distributed in soils of all kinds, it causes opportunistic infections and two types of food poisoning: a diarrhoeal syndrome and an emetic syndrome.

Complete genome available in the NCBI database for the supplied strain: