Speed-oligo® is designed to bring Molecular Biology techniques into laboratories of diagnosis of infectious diseases through a very simple technique. Speed-oligo® combines all the advantages of Molecular Biology in a rapid test. Any laboratory with minimal equipment can introduce the PCR technique, which provides automated results in just 5 minutes. Laboratories that use this technique through “home-made kits” can also benefit from the high reproducibility, sensitivity and specificity provided by the Speed-oligo® commercial kit without forgetting the advantages of chromatography revealing. Even clients using RT-PCR may be interested in Speed-oligo®. Vircell offers “exotic” parameters that require a low number of determinations, making Speed-oligo® more interesting than RT-PCR in terms of price and equipments expiration.

It is possible to assay the Speed-oligo® technique with just a thermocycler (conventional or fast). These instruments are very common in Molecular Biology laboratories and do not need to be used exclusively for this technique.

As with any other PCR technique, Speed-oligo® is assayed with nucleic acid. Each Speed-oligo® reference needs a different type of sample from which the nucleic acid is extracted. For some of the kits, respiratory samples are used (Bacterial pneumonia combi, Chlamydophila pneumoniae, Legionella pneumophila or Mycoplasma pneumoniae) while for other kits, cephalorraquid fluid is used (Bacterial meningitis), vaginal samples or rectovaginal (Group B streptococcus) or culture (Mycobacteria).

Regarding samples extraction, Vircell offers reagents in Group B Streptcoccus and in Mycobacteria determinations. In these two references VIRCELL SAMPLE SOLUTION is included, which allows high quality DNA to be obtained to amplify with PCR by heating the SOLUTION with the sample to 95ºC. Nevertheless, it is not possible to use this extraction method with other Speed-oligo® references due to the fact that cerebrospinal fluid and respiratory samples contain a high amount of inhibitors that have to be eliminated by using a specific extraction kit. In these references any manual or automated commercial kit can be used (Qiagen, Roche, etc.).

Speed-oligo® has been tested with different extraction kits: High pure PCR template preparation kit (Roche), QIAamp DNA blood mini kit (Qiagen) or NucleoSpin tissue (Macherey-Nagel). However, other commercial kits can be used. One must also take into consideration that the references for Group B Streptococcus and Mycobacteria include the reagent VIRCELL SAMPLE SOLUTION to extract DNA.

Speed-oligo® has only been validated for identification in culture samples. We know that identification equipment for clinical samples might be a good market opportunity and, in fact, we are currently working on the validation of this protocol. So far we have achieved good results but the research has not been concluded yet. However, culture remains the reference technique in mycobacteria laboratories. Moreover, identification in positive cultures continues to be a challenge due to the fact that the existing methods are slow and require high technology. Speed-oligo® is simple and quick and it is consequently the perfect complement for mycobacteria culture because it allows differentiation between MTB and MOTT and the identification of MOTT in the same strip as well.

As stated in the usage instructions included in the kit, it has 98% sensitivity (100% in MTB) with 100% specificity. In the 19th edition of ECCMID- European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases- that took place in Helsinki, the following work was presented: Evaluation of an oligochromatographic test for identification of mycobacteria most frequently isolated in human from liquid and solid culture media (Martínez- Lirola, M.J. et al). This publication is available on our web page and it is also attached to this document.

Speed-oligo® does not allow an identification as exhaustive as sequentiation. However, the advantage that Speed-oligo® can provide is based on the cost/benefit relationship.

Speed-oligo® does not require special conditions for transport. As this product includes the positive control and the PCR-mix in lyophilized presentation, the transport can be done at room temperature. The product should be stored in a refrigerated container at temperatures between 2 and 8ºC.

All Speed-oligo® products have a 12 months shelf life.

Even though Speed-oligo® is a technologically advanced product, its price policy is to position itself as a Molecular Biology technique affordable for any kind of laboratory. In the price analysis made before launching the product into the market, the price of Speed-oligo® turned out to be 2 to 4 times lower than gPCR and other similar techniques on the market, and a bit higher than conventional PCR. Thus, Speed-oligo® offers the reproducibility advantages of a ready-to-use commercial kit and is very simple to use as well.

We recommend using this technique in a Molecular Biology laboratory with well differentiated pre- and post-amplification areas.


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