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Vircell extends its PCR controls product line with the new NOVEL INFLUENZA A H1N1 (plasmid) DNA CONT

After the last outbreak of Influenza A H1N1 that started in April 2009, Vircell R&D Molecular Biology Departments have worked intensely to develop new diagnostic tools that allows a highly sensitive and specific diagnosis.

The new NOVEL INFLUENZA A H1N1 (plasmid) DNA CONTROL (ref. MBC081) contains purified DNA of two clones of the new flu: the complete gen of hemaglutinine (1711pb) and the complete gen of neuraminidase (1410 pb). These clones come from the cDNA isolated from positive samples.

This new control, quantified by RT-PCR, contains 1×104 -1.5×104 copies/μl once reconstituted and is supplied in a lyophilized presentation which fully optimize the transport costs. 

Any oligo pair that amplifies hemaglutinine or neuraminidase from the new flu could be used with this control. This product is also valid for the oligos and probes recommended by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).


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