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Speed-oligo® Novel Influenza H1N1 launching

Last April 2009, WHO announced the identification of a new virus of influenza A. This H1N1 strain has not circulated in human beings before. It is a completely new virus with no previous immune response. The virus is contagious and spreads easily between people and also among countries. Nowadays, almost 95.000 confirmed cases have been notified in more than 120 countries. 

Until now, only sequencing and RT-PCR targeting the specific sequence of this new virus are able to differentiate the novel virus for the current circulating seasonal strains. Only a limited number of centres count with these tools. Therefore, a new sensitive and specific diagnostic method, suitable for any laboratory, is necessary

New tool for the diagnosis of Influenza A H1N1

Molecular diagnosis, recommended by main international health organizations for its sensitivity and specificity, is the key to effectively control the pandemia and provide medical treatment to the affected people. Vircell, together with Spanish national hospitals, has developed a Speed-oligo® kit for the diagnosis of swine flu (oligochromatography). 

The new SPEED-OLIGO® NOVEL INFLUENZA A H1N1 (ref. SP015) allows for a visual and direct analysis of a PCR, in just 5 minutes. This kit contains all reagents necessary to perform the PCR reaction (including several PCRmix prepared vials in lyophilized presentation) and the strip detection.

This new product has the same price of other SPEED-OLIGO® references: 
-    Transfer price: 300 € (15 €/strip- estimated price for end user)
-    Number of test: 40 

In "Technical Documents" in the Services section in our website, you will find a formal evaluation of SPEED-OLIGO® NOVEL INFLUENZA A H1N1 carried out together with the “Hospital Universitario Virgen de las Nieves” in Granada. We thank you in advance for your cooperation by informing your existing customers about this new product and reaching new potential customers.


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