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Speed-Oligo World Tour 2009

Vircell is proud to inform about the latest news regarding our new product line Speed-Oligo.

Since its first launching at MEDICA 2008 Exhibition, our sales, marketing and technical teams have been actively introducing this product line to our distribution network. With great interest, our customers have realized this new product concept, its technical fundamentals and the commercial strategy; most countries have already implemented it with great success.

For the time being, Vircell is keenly working in: 
-    On going evaluations
-    In-house workshops at Vircell facilities
-    Speed-oligo presence at international congresses
-    Latin America on-site Workshops
-    Customized trainings

On going evaluations

When launching a new kit, external evaluations are necessary. This issue is even more important when introducing a new technology.

Speed-oligo is being tested in some big labs in Europe, Middle East, Asia and Australia. In some cases, formal articles will be published demonstrating the strength of this new technique and will help to reinforce the brand awareness.

In-house Workshops at Vircell facilities

Our distribution network needs a deep knowledge of this technology in and out the lab. With this objective we have held two training seminars in our facilities (Granada, Spain):

I Workshop (November 2008): Portugal, Turkey, Czech Republic, and France. 
II Workshop (February 2009): United Kingdom, Poland, Romania and Germany.

During both occasions our partners received a theoretical training on Speed-oligo followed by a practical demonstration in our Molecular Biology labs and an exhaustive analysis of the “FAQ”. Finally, some commercial proposals were raised to the assistants, to carry out successfully the introduction of this innovative technique in the market.

All the participants shared their impressions and market knowledge so both meetings turned out to be very enriching experiences for everyone. All the distributors who assisted to the workshop described it as a clear success for the complete program given and for the market potential of this new line of products.

The III Workshop is scheduled for October 2009; we aim to cover other areas network.

Speed-Oligo presence at international congresses

Several Vircell partners have already introduced this product line in their local most relevant congresses. Several pictures of these events are available in our website.

-    Asociación Bioquímica Argentina (Bioars S.A.)
-    4th Greek National Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Nosocomial Infections (Varelas)
-    Labtech 2009 (Pera Medikal)
-    Klimik- Türk Klinik Mikrobiyoloji ve İnfeksiyon Hastaliklari Derneği (Pera Medikal)
-    Kassel (Human GmbH Vertrieb Deutschland)
-    SMCC- Société Marocaine de Chimie Clinique (Masterlab S.A.R.L.)
-    RomMEDICA 2009 (Top Diagnostics)
-    2nd International and 7th Iranian National Congress on Quality Improving In Clinical Laboratories (Pad Tan Danesh Co)
-    Dutch Meeting of Microbiology (Cepheid Benelux)

Upcoming meetings and congresses: 

-    3rd Regional Conference of the Molecular Medicine and 3rd NCID- National Conference on Infectious Diseases, Malaysia.
-    NRL Workshop on Serology- National Serology Reference Laboratory, Australia.
-    37º Congresso Nazionale della Societá Italiana di Microbiología (SIM), Italy. 
-    XIV Congreso Colombiano de Parasitología y Medicina Tropical.
-    10° Congreso Internacional del Colegio Nacional de Bacteriología (CNB), Colombia.
-    XXII Reunión de la sociedad andaluza de microbiología y parasitología clínica SAMPAC, Spain.
-    International Bio-Expo Japan Exhibition, Japan.
-    Congreso de bioquímica clínica, Uruguay.

Vircell upcoming trade shows or congresses assistance as exhibitor:

ECCMID 2009- Helsinki, Finland. 16th-19th May.
AACC- Chicago, USA. 21st-23rd July.
MEDICA 2009- Düsseldorf, Germany. 18th- 21st November.

Latin America on-site Workshop Tour

To fulfil our Latin America distributors’ demand, Vircell is organizing a Speed-oligo workshop tour for Mercosur and The Andean Community. 

Mercosur is the fourth largest economic community in the world. It represents the regional integration of the South American countries Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay as full members, as well as Chile and Bolivia as associate members. 

From next May 28th, Vircell has scheduled in Buenos Aires, Argentina a full-day distributors training to attend our Mercosur network, followed by an end-user seminar. 

a) Distributors Network Training:
We have scheduled a training session to properly introduce the brand concept and fundamentals to our partners in Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile). 

b) Argentinean end-users seminar:
Vircell wants to take the most of this trip by offering our full support and commitment to end-users from Buenos Aires (May 29th). Therefore, with the invaluable assistance of our local partner Bioars, S.A., we will introduce our product to a selected group of major laboratories and hospitals technicians.

The Andean Community, formerly called the Andean Group, is another South American economic group, and consists of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. Vircell wants to consolidate its presence in this important region by supporting the great distribution network developed during the past years.

a) Distributors Network:
We have scheduled a full day distributors training seminar in Bogotá, Colombia (June 1st) to attend our regional network including our distinguished partners from Colombia, Peru and Venezuela.

b) Colombian end-users seminar:
Vircell will offer its full commitment to the Colombians end-users (June 2nd). With the invaluable assistance of our local partner Annar Diagnostica, we will introduce our product to a selected group of major laboratories and hospitals technicians.

Customized Workshops

Other end-users workshops have been scheduled on demand:

Italy, Venice, April 14th -16th, 2009
Germany and France are programmed for June 2009

Since molecular biology is becoming more commonly used in clinical diagnosis, gaining top of mind and brand penetration among the scientific and technicians communities is very important. Vircell is responding to this trend by focusing significant resources to develop new innovative alternatives within international IVD market .

We truly hope this information might be of interest and reflects the importance Speed-Oligo has for our company.  We truly thank our distribution network and major end-users for the support received, this fact encourage us to continue our efforts to keep developing a well assorted, high quality products pipeline.  

Vircell, S.L.


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