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The Minister of Innovation and Science of Andalusia Regional Government visits Vircell

The Minister of Innovation and Science of the Andalusia Regional Government, Mr. Francisco Vallejo, has visited today in Santa Fe (Granada) the facilities of the biotechnology company Vircell which is dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and market of reagents for the in vitro diagnosis of human infectious diseases by means of different techniques.

Vircell is a flexible company able to guarantee the total quality of its products, due to the in-house production of most of its raw material and to its strict quality control that follows international standards as ISO 13485:2003, ISO 9001: 2000 and GMPs in the process of implementation. Moreover, all its diagnostics products are CE marked, following the European Directive 98/79/CE.

Nowadays, Vircell offers nearly 300 references classified in different product lines: ELISA, IFA, BRUCELLACAPT®, Monoclonal Antibodies, Cell Lines, DNA/RNA Controls and Speed-oligo. 

Vircell products are the result of its own R&D efforts. The Research and Development Department, headed by 8 senior PhD investigators, has several specialization areas: Molecular Biology, Immunology and Rapid Tests. From the close cooperation among them turns exclusive products that are launched through a Commercial Department well structured and coordinated. 

Vircell annually invests approximately 12% of its turnover in R&D and sometimes its projects are financed by the Innovation and Development Agency (IDEA). At present, Vircell counts with a subvention of 205.000 € for the development of Speed-oligo for the pneumonia diagnosis. This product line is based in a completely innovative technique that combines all the advantages of Molecular Biology in a rapid test.

Recently, the company Vircell has been distinguished with Andalusia Award of Investigation in the category of Promotion of Scientific and Technical Investigation, granted by the Ministry of Innovation and Science of the Andalusia Regional Government.


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