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The New Image of Vircell

Vircell renews its corporate website and introduces you to a new brand image.

The idea of re-launching the Vircell website was conceived at the end of 2007. The aim of this project was to create a dynamic tool which enabled users to navigate through expanded contents in a much easier and intuitive way. 

The new website includes up-to-date information on the company, detailed information of the product catalogue, new images and new sections which reflect in a more faithful manner the current position of the company. In sum, we have created a web environment which is active and attractive for the visitors.

For some time now, Vircell has experienced significant changes which have prompted the launching of this new image. This new project is backed up by the experience of Vircell staff, their renewed strengths and the innovative technologies available to them. 

From the launching of the new brand onwards the new Vircell logo will be progressively incorporated to all main elements of the company: boxes, labels, business cards, quality certificates, instructions for use, etc… In the same way, there have been significant improvements to the packaging of our products, with a new design that guarantees a safer, more cost-effective transport.


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