A VirClia® kit contains 24 single-use tests, as well as all the necessary reagents to perform the test. Furthermore, each strip is composed of three reaction wells and five reagent wells.

  • VIRCLIA WASHING SOLUTION: 4 x 50 ml wash solution (concentrated 20x): phosphate buffer with Tween®-20 and Proclin.
  • VIRCLIA DECONTAMINATION SOLUTION: 3 x 20 ml sulphuric acid 0.5 M solution.

These are generic reagents. The use of these auxiliary reagents is recommended to ensure optimal performance of the tests.

VirClia® kits expire 18 months after their manufacture date, provided that the storage conditions (2-8ºC) are complied with.

VirClia® kits include all the necessary reagents to perform the test. However, we also offer an Auxiliary Reagents Kit (ref. VCMAR) for washing and decontamination. As a general rule, you will need one Virclia® Auxiliary Reagents Kit for every ten test kits.

Ten reusable frames are provided with each machine. If you needed more frames in the future, you can always purchase that reference (VCFRAME). It is recommended that you replace the frames if they warp after prolonged use.

Yes, since it is an open, dual system (ELISA/CLIA), both techniques can be used for infectious diseases as well as for other tests (autoimmunity, allergies, etc.)

Up to 192 samples can be placed in the trays. However, only up to 24 samples (2 plates) can be analyzed in each run.

Yes, the assay is completely customizable. All VirClia® tests are compatible with one another and can be combined in the same process.

For the indirect tests there is no difference. For the IgM strips the sorbent is included in the diluent so this assay is the same as for the IgG. For capture tests there is only one extra conjugate dilution step and a different dilution for the negative control. Still, all VirClia® tests are completely compatible with one another and can be combined in the same process, despite the capture tests having an extra step.

If only a few strips (2-3) are placed in the frame the assay will be complete in approximately one hour. If two full plates are used (24 strips) the assay will take two hours. 

No, because every strip includes a calibrator and a negative control that allow validation and interpretation of the results for every individual sample and test without relying on stored curves.

The devices intended to process the VirClia® tests have a dual ELISA/CLIA reader installed, therefore the client will receive two applications, one for each technique. In addition, the test designer and a hardware checking utility will also be installed.

The Strip Loading Wizard will guide you through the strip loading process. Strips are grouped by test to simplify the process.

Yes, the bi-directional software integrates with most LIS systems. 

The needle is washed after every pipetting step, and in the addition of conjugate step, the needle is washed with sulphuric acid (decontamination solution). We have performed several tests using highly positive and highly negative sera to determine if any liquid was being accidentally carried among samples. No liquid carriage was observed from sample to sample, from sample to the calibrator or from the conjugate.


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