Corporate Policy

Corporate Policy

We are aware that to continue to improve both our manufacturing system and our provision of services, we must consider the expectations of our customers and their needs, as well as legal and regulatory requirements. In this regard, we commit to the following:

  • Fulfill the requirements established in Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008, UNE-EN ISO 13485:2003 and UNE- EN- ISO 14001:2004.
  • Determine and provide the resources needed to implement and maintain a Quality Management System and Environmental Management System, using all resources rationally.
  • Direct our Quality Management System and Environmental Management System to meet legal and regulatory requirements, to meet the needs and expectations of customers, and, as a central task of our environmental policy, to prevent and reduce the environmental impact generated by the activity of our organization.
  • Identify and assess risks, determine the actions necessary to improve the processes, and evaluate the effectiveness of these measures to mitigate those risks. Establish the organization´s strategic objectives, as well as measureable and consistent goals, within the organization´s policy on an annual basis.
  • Direct the management of the company towards the reduction, elimination and prevention of poor management and, more importantly, towards a continuous improvement of the system to meet legal and regulatory requirements, and the customer with maximum efficiency. Register, assess and regularly monitor the environmental effects of our processes.
  • Promote awareness to all staff and partner companies, so that this Quality and Environmental Policy is understood and accepted.

The organization believes environmental protection is not only a legal issue, but that it is also a social obligation for the entire company and that we can progress and develop together with the community in which we belong. This requires the commitment and participation of all staff of the organization, based on the knowledge of this policy and the proper application of the Integrated Management Manual and the General Procedures and all the documentation that make up the Integrated Management System.

The objectives include a commitment to comply with applicable laws and regulations by evaluating their interactions with the environment and the application of the best economically viable technology available.

Management promises and requests the commitment of all employees of the company, to the extent that they are entitled to develop, refine and implement quality standards and environmental respect, as defined in the documents of the Integrated Management System and compliance targets for corresponding periods.


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