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VirClia presentation in Thailand 2019

During the second week of July, from 9 to 12, the team made up of the engineer Enrique Martínez and the scientific advisor Joaquín Ortiz had the pleasure of taking part in different activities organized by our supplier Z-Medic, on the ocassion of the presentation of Vircell and VirClia in Thailand.

  • VirClia Training to  to Technical Service and Product Specialists of Z-Medic.
  • Installation of the first VirClia instrument and VirClia presentation at the Maharaj Nakhon Hospital in Chiang Mai. The ease of use of the instrument and the first results achieved, were the total satisfaction of those managers for the infectious serology laboratory.
  • Myco department, Medical Faculty, Chulalongkorn University and NHS (National Healthcare Systems Co., Ltd) private lab, both in Bangkok exhibiting Vircell and Virclia. The presentation had a lot of interest, especially in our VirClia platform.
  • Finally, involvement as speakers at Z-Academy Roadshow 2019 held in Undontani and attended by more than 70 End-users from this Northern Province. From here we want to thank Z-Medic for the design of an excellent Roller Poster dedicated to VirClia and which was located in a privileged place in the commercial exhibition area. Both Z-Medic executives and specialists were extraordinarily interested in the VirClia platform and other Vircell products.

We want to thank such an excellent reception. We hope Z-Medic had motivated this experience and we are also sure that the training given will help you to make known Vircell products in their respective markets.


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