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VirClia ® Lotus

VirClia Lotus takes one hour and 10 minutes to process and report the first result. From there, every 35 seconds a new result is reported.

VirClia Lotus is capable of processing 40 Tests in an hour and a half,  and 80 tests in two hours and fifty minutes.

VirClia Lotus can accommodate up to a maximum of 50 sample tubes simultaneously in the sample carousel. Once the samples have been dispensed, the instrument informs and allows the samples to be removed from the carousel to introduce new samples. VirClia Lotus is a continuous loading instrument for both samples and reagents.

VirClia Lotus allows you to perform up to 39 different parameters to the same sample.

Urgent samples can be introduced at any time, even if VirClia Lotus is already in operation. In the shortest possible time, the instrument will allow to enter the urgent sample and schedule the test or the number of tests that are needed. The sample and the requested tests will be processed immediately without waiting for the previously scheduled routine to end. All tests requested from the urgent sample will be processed simultaneously and the irrespective results will appear consecutively.

VirClia Lotus does not have a disposable tip. VirClia Lotus uses metal tips for sample and reagents dispensing. The tips are washed internally and externally with a decontaminating solution and with a washing solution that prevents cross-contamination of samples and reagents.

VirClia Lotus can accommodate any type of sample tube, including primary tube, laboratory tubes, and pediatric cup.

VirClia Lotus also has an adapter to accommodate a 2ml tube with a conical bottom, so that this tube is perfectly aligned to facilitate sampling.

The processed strips are automatically discarded in a waste container so that VirClia Lotus is always prepared to process new tests in the form of continuous loading without direct user intervention.

VirClia Lotus can automatically import the worklist from the laboratory's central computer for samples that have been read using the barcode. Once the tests have been processed and the results obtained, they can be sent directly to the Laboratory  Information System.

Yes. VirClia Lotus using the Vircom Middleware software,  stores all the results from the negative controls and calibrators in terms of RLU's. These results can be selected and retrieved by parameter, date, or batch of product. Vircom can graph all those results including the mean value and the ranges corresponding to  ±  3SD.


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