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The speed will depend on the type of shaker available. For instance, we have achieved good results at around 900rpm with a vortex-type shaker with plate adaptor, while with an orbital shaker, the same results are achieved at 300rpm. In general, our recommendation is that the speed should be high enough to ensure the mixing of components, without spillage (after agitation there should be no traces of liquid adhered to the adhesive sheet that covers the wells).

Yes. All the ELISA references currently on catalogue are tested for both serum and plasma samples.

Phase I of Coxiella burnetii is mainly used to detect antibodies present in chronic cases of Q Fever, which are rare. Coxiella burnetii usually produces pneumonia, and in these cases, the diagnosis is made by detecting Phase II antibodies. Since the number of determinations in Phase I is not high, we would recommend the use of IFA technique (PCOBU I+II from Vircell) for these cases.


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