National team

National team

Anglés, Joan Marketing Director

Joan Anglés joined Vircell Spain S.L.U. in July 2014 as head of marketing for the ... Read more

Gordillo, Sergi Product Manager

Sergi Gordillo joined the staff of Vircell Spain, S.L.U. in early 2015 with more than ... Read more

Márquez, Alejandro Especialista de Aplicaciones

Alejandro Márquez se incorpora a Vircell Spain, S.L.U. en junio de 2016 como Especialista de ... Read more

Sánchez, Cristina Applications Specialist

In January 2019 Cristina Sánchez joined the Vircell S.L.U team as an Applications Specialist. Her ... Read more

Gimferrer, Laura Applications Specialist

Laura joined Vircell Spain in October 2019 as an application specialist to provide pre-sale and ... Read more

Pulido, Andrés Director of Sales

Andres Pulido joined Vircell Spain, S.L.U in July 2014 as the National Sales Director and ... Read more

Saiz, José María Sales Manager of the Central Zone

Jose Maria Saiz became part of Vircell Spain, S.L.U in January 2015, joining the commercial ... Read more

Ponz, Francisco Sales Manager of the Central Zone

Francisco Ponz began working at Vircell Spain, S.L.U in March 2015 as a Commercial Technical ... Read more

Calduch, Vicente Sales Manager of Levante

In February 2015 Vicente Calduch Sancho joined Vircell Spain, S.L.U as a Sales Manager in ... Read more

Benítez, Juan Sales Manager of the Andalusian Zone

Juan Benitez joined Vircell Spain, S.L.U in September 2014, and since the beginning has helped ... Read more

Gutiérrez , Rafael Delegado de Ventas Andalucía Oriental,Ceuta y Melilla

Rafael Gutiérrez Cabrera joined Vircell Spain in January 2016 as a sales representative for the ... Read more

Regueiro, Jaime Sales Manager of the North East Zone

Jaime Regueiro joined Vircell Spain S.L.U as a sales representative for the northwestern region of ... Read more

Esteban, Luis Ángel Sales Manger of the Northern Zone

Luis Ángel joined Vircell Spain S.L.U as the Sales Manager of the northern zone, Castilla ... Read more

Vallés, Ricard Sales Manager of Catalonia and the Balearic Islands

Ricard Valles joined Vircell Spain S.L.U in February 2015, as a sales representative for Catalonia ... Read more

Simó, Ricard Instrument Technician

Ricard Simo began working with Vircell Spain S.L.U in March 2015, after having accumulated 30 ... Read more

Rodríguez, José Luis Instrument and Applications Technician

In October 2015 José Luis joined Vircell in the Department of Instrumentation and Marketing to ... Read more

Martínez, Enrique Instrument Technician

Enrique Martínez began working with Vircell Spain S.L.U as instrument technician in March 2017. During ... Read more

Ferrero, Jorge Instrument Technician

Jorge joined Vircell Spain’s Department of Instrumentation in February 2019 to provide technical support for ... Read more

Mariscal, Aarón Instrument Technician

Aarón is part of Vircell Spain’s Department of Instrumentation since December 2018. He mainly deals ... Read more

Rivera, Alberto Instrument Technician

Alberto joined the Instrumentation Department of Vircell Spain S.L.U. in June 2020 to provide technical ... Read more

Arenas, Adrián Applications specialist

Adrián joined VIRCELL SPAIN's team of application specialists in February 2020 to provide service in ... Read more

Vergara, Ainhoa Application Specialist

Ainhoa ​​belongs to the team of application specialists of VIRCELL SPAIN, S.L. since January 2020. ... Read more


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