Environmental performance report

Vircell, S.L., in its vocation and commitment to the Environment, annually performs an Environmental Performance evaluation and, through this evaluation, measures are established, some of which become environmental objectives.

This report aims to announce the activities that have been carried out, the results of the environmental objectives proposed for that year and identify possible areas for improvement for the future.

Next, the points that we will discuss during this report:

  • Review of compliance with environmental legislation
  • Environmental objectives. Year 2020
  • Environmental aspects
  • Internal training
  • Planning and response to environmental emergencies
  • Final comment

Review of compliance with environmental legislation 

At least twice a year, a review of the fulfillment of legal requirements regarding the environment is performed. This process serves to check that the previously identified requirements continue to be met and that the new legislation enacted in this matter is taken into account.

The last of these reviews was made during the month of September 2020 and it was verified that all the identified requirements were met.

Environmental objectives. Year 2020

The environmental objective defined for 2020 relative to the reduction of electricity consumption related to production has been adequately achieved.

Environmental aspects 

An identification and evaluation of environmental aspects is carried out.

This identification of aspects has been reviewed on April 08th, 2021 and the evaluation of its impacts has been recalculated, obtaining as a result that most aspects, except 5, are not significant, due mainly to the control of the same.

The aspects that have been significant are the following:

  • Batteries that contain mercury (160603)
  • Water consumption
  • Energy consumption
  • Paper consumption
  • Diesel consumption

 The environmental aspects that stand out for having experienced an improvement over the previous year:

  • Obsolete IT equipment (computers, printers, etc.) (200135)
  • Animal by-products not intended for human consumption (Cat I) (SANDACH)
  • Alkaline batteries (160604)

Internal training

All personnel newly incorporated to Vircell, S.L. receives specific training related to the environment. The courses are the following:

  • Environmental management
  • General guidelines for waste disposal.

On the other hand, biannually specific personnel are trained with particular courses for the Transfer of hazardous waste

Planning and response to environmental emergencies

Annually, and in order to validate the planning and response to environmental emergencies and to ensure their adequate knowledge by the personnel, a practical simulation is carried out so that the staff knows first-hand how to act in case of environmental emergencies.

Final comment

As explained in this report, the main environmental processes that affect our activities are being effectively applied and controlled.

And for the record and for the appropriate purposes the environmental performance is publicly communicated through the company's website.


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