SARS-CoV-2 RealTime PCR Kit

Vircell launches a real-time PCR kit for the detection of SARS-COV-2, initially called 2019-nCoV, in respiratory samples.

Given the alert situation generated by the outbreak of this virus that originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan, Vircell has developed in record time a product according to the existing needs and is right now available for research use.

This product allows for fast and reliable results in 90 minutes and is suitable for use in any qPCR thermal cycler with detection (FAM / HEX). This double-target assay, specific for COVID-19 and other coronaviruses related to SARS, contains two lyophilized master mixes for virus detection and confirmation, as suggested by international guidelines.

Our kit does not show cross reactions with other common human respiratory CoVs or MERS and includes an internal amplification control in each master mix.

Vircell, always concerned and committed to respiratory infectious diseases in China has now made a tremendous effort in R&D to develop this novel product in order to contribute as much as we can in this highly contagious disease.

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