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2009 Results

Vircell closes the year with excellent results in the international sales and faces 2010 with the challenge of maintaining the growth tendency

In a year of economical recession worldwide due to the acute financial crisis and serious loss of confidence, Vircell closes the year with an international sales growth of 46% versus the previous year.

Almost half of the international sales came from Europe although, in recent years, the Latin American and Middle East markets continue to rapidly scale positions. Figure 1 shows the international sales contribution by region during 2009.

As in previous years, ELISA products are the main sales contributors to the company. However, following the latest global trend in the IVD market, our sales of Molecular Biology products has increased. Vircell is focusing its major efforts in Speed-oligo® and PCR Controls projects.
It is important to remark the recent introduction of VIRapid®, our new rapid test product line, and the excellent performance achieved by the Transport Medium product line, especially after its re-launching last May 2009. Figure 2 represents the sales composition by product line at the end of 2009.

During 2009, Vircell maintains its strategy and reinforces its international presence in more than 60 countries around the world. As shown in figure 3, sales split of national- international sales, 64% of the sales come from abroad.
To maintain double-digit sales growth as during last 9 years is the important challenge we are facing in 2010.


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